Saturday, September 8, 2007

Welcome to Sidewalk 208

Idaho is best known as an outdoors state, with more designated wilderness and more miles of whitewater river than any other state than Alaska. But for all its natural riches, Idaho is also an increasingly urban state. Sidewalk 208 (named for our still-one-and-only area code) will bring you words and pictures from Idaho's cities. I'll focus on Boise, since that's where I live, but I'll try to bring you glimpses of other communities as well.

I'm Julie Fanselow, the founder of Sidewalk 208. I'm best known in the blogosphere for creating Red State Rebels, a blog on Idaho politics that's been going strong since 2003 and now features writers from all over the state. These days, I am managing a new nonpartisan blog called and doing online organizing for the Study Circles Resource Center. But arts, culture, and urban planning are other major interests of mine - and all topics on which I plan to touch here on Sidewalk 208. If you share these interests and would like to contribute to the blog, please write me at juliewrites at yahoo dot com.

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