Sunday, March 6, 2011

New bus route; ideas from Mark Rivers

Hola! It's been a long time between blog posts (due to my crazy day job), but I want to share a few things I've come across, including a Valley Ride survey that ends TODAY (Sunday, March 6).

Valley Ride expects to bring bus service back to southwest Boise sometime this spring. The proposed route is a good one because:

It reinstates service to the Social Security office for our older and disabled neighbors.

It ties together one shopping and entertainment center (Boise Towne Square) with another (the Edwards cinemas and shopping west of Cole Road).

It provide service to Frank Church High School and the Boise School District offices (as well as one of the best auto mechanic shops in town).

Valley Ride has a survey about the new route. I believe it closes today, but I just heard about it.

In other urbanist news, Mark Rivers of Brix & Company has a new online flipbook, 10 Fresh Ideas for Downtowns in 2011. From comfy sidewalk benches with reading lamps to winter festivals (how about bringing back First Night?) to expanded truck-based commerce (why should taco trucks and bookmobiles have all the fun?), Rivers and crew are thought provoking as always. I still wish Mark would run for mayor; I'm still not surprised that he has no interest, since politics suck.